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Alpha Smart Grow Cabinet



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Brief Description:

180 watt, Multi spectrum tannable light i.e adjustable spectrum and intensity control, growing area – 2’ x 2’ x4’, temperature and humidity indication, with IOT control smart grow cabinet.

Product Description

  • Multi spectrum tannable light with 8 adjustable spectra.
  • Multi wavelength covers- 395nm, 450nm, 520nm, 590nm, 660nm, 735nm,6500k, 2700k.
  • 0-100% intensity control.
  • The grow cabinet comes in at 24” wide, 24” deep and 48” high grow area,making it a great producer for the tight spaces.
  • Outer dimensions 30’’ wide, 30’’ deep and 60’’ high.
  • Available in Hydroponics and Soil configurations.
  • Sturdy construction and locking door provide a completely safe and secure grow.
  • 180-watt Multi spectrum tannable led grow light – you can adjust spectrum and intensity as per plant requirement.
  • Cloud base connectivity.
  • Real time data.
  • Web base control.
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors.
  • High PPF – 2.2 to 2.4 umol/J.
  • Passive cooling .
  • 4 cooling fan which helps cabinet to maintain room temperature.
  • I-Ball tab fitted at top for control and indication
  • Adjustable internal circulation fan for essential cross airflow distribution.
  • 180 W LED Grow PANEL, with top LEDs, square design, passive cooling, more energy efficient own it, you’re ready to do research.


  • Horticultural research .
  • Speed Breeding.
  • Pharma Companies.

Key Features

  • 8 wavelength adjustment.
  •  0-100% dimming provision .
  • 0-1000 PPFD adjustment provision at 2.5ft from light .
  • IOT control.
  • High PPF – 2.4 umol/J ( Also available at 3.7 umol/J).
  • Custom based design.
  • Humidity and temperature indication.

Key Advantages

  • Develop ‘n’ numbers of spectrum combination.
  • Change intensity as per plant requirement.
  • Control spectrum from remote location.
  • Add wavelength as per plant requirement.


  • Suitable for all types of plant.
  • Best for horticultural research and creation of spectrum recipe for any plant.
  • Check performance of plant for various DLI .
  • Real time data.
  • Easy operation.
Technical Specifications
Main System Technical Specification
Cabinet Weight (Kg) 75 Kg
Outer Dimension
Height (in./mm) 63 / 1600
Width (in./mm) 31 / 780
Depth (in./mm) 28 / 720
Inner Dimension
Height (in./mm) 48 / 1210
Width (in./mm) 24 / 610
Depth (in./mm) 24 / 610
Power Requirement (50Hz) 230 VAC, 3 A single phase
Cooling Requirement +15°C to +30°C
Temperature (Light ON) +15°C to +45°C
Environmental Requirement
Temperature +15°C to +25°C
Humidity Below 60%
Growth Envelope
Growth Bed Area (ft) 2 X 2
Growth Height (in./mm) 48 / 1220
Capacity (Liters) 450
Controller Technical Specification
Control characteristic Digital controlling
Control method Web Based
Rated input voltage 180VAC- 240VAC
Response time <5sec
Protection function unbalance
Working temperature -25°C -- +75°C
Working humidity <60%
Degree of protection IP50


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