Climate Controlled Growth Chamber

Technical specification of Plant Growth Chamber for speed breeding

1.Key Technical Specifications

  • Interior dimension: 21’Lx15’Wx10’H (feet) (Available in different customized sizes)
  • Insulation 40 mm or 50 mm
  • Insulation Density: 40-42 kg/cubic meter
  • Temperature range: 15° – 45° degrees
  • Relative humidity range between 35% to 75 %
  • Temperature uniformity: ≤1° degree
  • Humidity uniformity: ± 2%RH
  • Fresh Air: 10% per hour
  • Co2 supply provision with cut off sensor
  • Real time basis control
  • Plants capacity: 700-1000 No’s Okra plant

2. Air-conditioning System

  • Regulation and control: Dual discharge evaporator coils, re-circulated air in the room by distributed uniform horizontal through back wall Plenum
  • The conditioning system contains all necessary fans, heaters, and valves
  • Heating: Stainless steel sheathed heater (surface evaporating system)
  • Humidifier: Humidification system with the necessary fittings
  • Make: Diakin

3.Lighting System

  • 3-IN-1 Grow Light
  • Suitable for all growth stages of plants
  • Make: Nexsel, Model: 3-IN-1
  • Lighting On-Off control with timer

4.Cooling System

  • Single Compressor system for maintaining the temperature in chamber
  • PLC/PID based Compressor/Heater control is provided for precise climatic control
  • Condensing unit is charged with CFC free refrigerant
  • Refrigeration function monitored by controller including visual and audible alarm.

5.Control System

  • Temperature sensor: Reading displayed will be average of two NTC sensors (which is more uniform and reliable)
  • Humidity sensor: Electronic capacitive humidity sensor.
  • Programmable PLC and Touch Screen controller
  • Resolution: Temperature: 0.1°, Humidity: 0.1%RH
  • Set-range: Temperature: 15°~40°; Humidity: Ambient~85%RH
  • Audible alarms are included based on user defined limits

6.Growing System

  • Grow bed size: 16 ft x 3x 4ft (Length x Width x Height)
  • of grow bed: 3 No’s
  • of layers: 2
  • Growing media: Cocopeat + Soil
  • Material: Aluminium

7.Security Protection System

  • Over-temperature protection
  • Overload protection of motor
  • Overload protection of Compressor
  • Fuse & MCB protection for each control and lighting circuit
  • Flange Mount Disconnect for Power

8.Equipment working condition

  • Ambient temperature: 2° TO 45°, Relative humidity: ≤75%RH
  • Power supply requirement: Power voltage: AC 440±10%V 50Hz, 3-phase + ground wire protection;
  • Power switch: Air switch Current 20A.
  • Water requirement for Humidity: Water flux:5l/h, Water pressure: 0.5-2bar

9.After-sale service

Charge-free warranty will last for 1 year from the date of equipment delivery. After the warranty period, the user will be charged properly as Annual service /One time service.

10.Technical Training

  • Provide Charge-free training to two operators for each user (in user site after installation and commissioning of the equipment).


  • Warranty Certificate: one copy
  • Operation & Maintenance Manual: one copy
  • Circuit diagram: one copy

12.Included things

  • Machine
  • Machine Installation charges
  • One year service
  • Internal growing structure
  • Civil work
  • Freight charges

13.What not included

  • Unloading of machine
  • Voltage stabilizer
  • Electric and water supply on site
  • Water requirement 6-8 litter per hours (Vapour particle size: 5-7 micron


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