Grow lights are specially designed
for plant growth. Here we can control each wavelength as per plant growth.

Full spectrum is
marketing terms ( even we can say its marketing myth promoted by few manufactures ) But in
simple terms we can say Full spectrum = ( 400 nm to 700 nm ) + UV + IR

Depends on plant type and plant height.

If you are growing commercially
then its not recommended but Yes if you are growing for hobby.

We have our own customized LED’s.

We give warranty of 18 months, 24 month and 26 months
depends on Model.

Model GHGL 180 is IP 65, remain models are IP 58, IP 33 so IP
65 is waterproof.

Yes if you buy a special devise developed by Nexsel.

Difference of wattage, HYGL8.1 is almost
double wattage of HYGL8.

Again its depends on many parameter like
structure design, type of plants, stage of plants etc.

6 to 7 inch ( between light
and plant canopy)

(Day or night) – Plants has feeling so ideally
you should keep ON light at day time and OFF at night time so it will reduce stress in plants.


Our main products: Hydroponics grow light, tissue culture grow light , speed breeding, LED grow lights,  They feature with Energy Saving, Long Lifetime, Environment Friendly

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