Supplemental grow lights

Supplemental grow lights
GHGL 180 R

Model: GHGL 180 R

Certifications: BIS, ROHS

Spectrum: Nx4B

Minimum Order: 05 pcs

Brief Description

LED grow light 180 watt, with optimal full spectrum layout, reflector design and excellent heat dissipation system, Custom- tailored spectrum, IP 65, best for commercial growing.

Product Details

  • GHGL LED Grow Light for Commercial Growing.
  • Single spectrum
  • Passive cooling
  • Area Coverage –
  1. Primary light source – 3ft x 3ft                   
  2. Secondary light source – 6ft x 6ft


  • Greenhouse
  • Supplementary light
  • Speed breeding

Key Features

  • Passive cooling
  • High intensity LEDs PPF – Upto 3.4 µmol/J
  • Aluminum casing + tempered glass.
  • Broad spectrum with ePAR coverage ( 400-750 nm)
  • IP 65

Key Advantages

  • Stays cool thanks to internal heat dissipation design.
  • Best for outdoor application

Key Benefits

  • Better heat dissipation = better life of grow light
  • 60% less electricity consumption compared to conventional light source
  • 600+ PPFD can be achievable
  • Backed with 2 years warranty

Installation Accessories : 1-meter-long cable + Hanging Mechanism

Spectrum Details 

Nx4a(Broad Spectrum)

(kindly note above readings from 4ft height- Model -GHGL 180 R)

Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage 80-300VAC
Power Consumption 80 watt
Power supply Current 1000 MA
Dimensions (in mm) Diameter 360 mm & 240 mm
Operating Temperature 0®-45®
Efficiency 0.90
LED Life Span 50,000
Power factor 0.98
Light Source 3w
Weight 5Kg
PPE Upto 3..4 µmole/J
Wavelength 660 nm,730nm, 3700K-6500K
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Overall Current Protection Yes
Thermal Protection Yes
Warranty 2 years

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